Friday, October 23, 2009

2 or so hours on the MEAT SAW!

Did somewhere around 2+ hours on the mountain bike today. That thing rocks! Running a 32-16 is definately the way to go for the riding around here. The bike seemed to coast up the tight hills and the technical climbs were made much easier. I think it's a combo of my skills getting dusted off as well as the gearing, but I killed it today.

I started off slow with the idea to just cruise around for a couple of hours. Soon though, I started to hammer and have some fun. Downhills got better, climbs got better, and I think I'm actually developing some kind of "style" on the bike! Lots of fun today.

With that, I'm cutting myself off for the day. I had planned to take the dog out for a little run later, but I think I'm going to change that run to a walk. There's no need to kill myself anymore in the time I'm suppossed to be off. I think I've struggled with the need to continue training hard because my fitness level is at an all time high. I have to have enough discipline at this point to realize that it's impossible to hold onto the fitness I've gained, and that if I am to attempt to do so, it's going to be catastrophic. There's really no sense in burning myself out and ruining a season that I haven't even begun to train for. I promise myself that the rest of this month will be devoted to rest, recovery, and just staying active. I've said this before, but I intend to hammer it into my head until my brain bleeds :).


  1. u do realize that you are not taking a break right? typing it doesn't work. :D

  2. Phil-
    Ha! I know! It's so hard though. I figure at least if I write it down there's a better chance of it happening!