Sunday, October 25, 2009

30 min run/hike

Wanted to chill out today before my real training resumes next week. Did a pretty hard 2+ hour mountain bike on the singlespeed again yesterday, so today was an easy trail run with no watch. My only goal was to go out and enjoy being active. I took the dog with me and headed for the trails.

About 15 mins in, Lucky stopped for her first poop. Five minutes later, another. Then 2 minutes later, a pee. Then another pee. Then she decided she'd had enough movement and refused to run or even walk. I started to get mad and then realized it doesn't make a difference. If the goal was just to enjoy the day, what did I care if we ran, walked, or just sat down on the side of the trail? The fall colors are so wonderful, and the smell of the freshly fallen leaves is one of the best there is. So we jogged, hiked, and sat. Just for a bit, just to enjoy the day.

The rest of the day will probably be dedicated to cleaning out my place. Things are a wreck and I'd really like to get rid of a lot of the stuff I don't use and donate it to people who could. I've got a ridiculous amount of sneakers and too many clothes.

And before I forget, I continue to be baffled by how good and versitile a sneaker the Lunar Glide is. I know I've mentioned the shoes in every blog post I've made for the last week (maybe Nike should sponsor me-wink wink!), but I've FINALLY found my perfect shoe! The trails were a bit muddy today and the Glides held up just fine. Rocks were no problem as well. It's awesome how firm, yet cushioned the shoe is. I'm just waiting to find the fatal flaw (hopefully there isn't one!!!)


  1. J and I have been slipping Lucky "C.R.E.W. offseason treats" - she's on our side getting to you slow down ;) it really was one damn fine day out there tho. much cooler today & was so nice after all that rain on saturday.

  2. Phil-
    Well you guys are doing a great job. She wouldn't freakin' move! Like I said, it pissed me off until I realized I had no reason to be pissed! It was gorgeous, the trail was beautiful, and I didn't have a care in the world!