Sunday, January 23, 2011

2:15 "Long" Ride

*As a general disclaimer, I've been pretty negative latley, and this blog is probably gonna be a bit more of that. In reality, this is really where I'm letting off deal with it:).

Got in my "long" ride of the week at a whopping 2 hours and around 15 minutes. What the fuzz??? Oh, I remember, it's negative windchill temps that crushed my dreams of being on my bike longer this weekend.

I really dropped the ball this week. I went too hard with some workouts early in the week (in hindsight probably out of frustration that I couldn't get on the roads/trails) and basically ruined myself for any quality training later in the week. I haven't been so sore and immobile since, well, ever! And the saddest part is that I know exactly what did it. It was a dumb move to lift like a maniac on Tuesday, crush a hard trainer session on Wednesday, then follow that up with shoveling heavy, wet, snow, and then put the icing on the cake by drinking a bit too much that night. For sure not the way a serious athlete conducts themselves and a mistake that I won't be soon to repeat...hopefully.

As for the weather and this winter, I'm giving it a BIG MIDDLE FINGER right now. I'm done with trying to "embrace" the winter cold, and am now finding it to be much more of a bother than anything. The trails haven't been ridable since Christmas day, and the roads are generally impassable most days-the combination of slush and freezing temps make training outside unsafe to the point that there is no point in even attempting it. As for running, I think I forgot how to. Again, the trails and the bad conditions on the roads have made it impossible, and I'm not one to get on a treadmill easily, though I have a couple times...not happily though.

So the general lack of outside activity, or just activity itself, have me really down, and in a bad place most of the time. The ride today was fun, but after 2 hours spent with sub zero windchills rattling my bones, I had severe pain in my feet and hands, making it time to call it a day. I'm not being a wimp (the name of my blog is HTFU for God's sake!), but honestly, I gotta get out of here. I know the grass is always greener, but I just can't take the bad roads, worse drivers, and shit conditions. I've never felt more hopeless...

Ok, rant over. I'm going to make an honest effort to change my attitude for the better, but I really don't know if it's possible right now. Maybe when Anne gets here I'll finally be happy. Chances are I will!


  1. Sorry dude. The grass IS greener here. About 75-85 every single day. I swim almost every day. Outside. Swing on by!

  2. Ha! Just when I was starting to convince myself things weren't so bad... :) Enjoy it! The weather here is TERRIBLE!
    Let me know when you get back, we'll go for a ride!

  3. Will be back in mid-March. Hang in there!