Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'll take it!

Got blasted with snow all night last night. Over a foot in the end. Seems like this winter is never going to end. We've already had 50 something inches of snow thusfar, and there's more on the way this week. If I'm not wrong we've had a mid-week storm every week of the winter this season. Hopefully this will be my last one here!

Getting to the point, Anne is on the way! As I write this, her plane is somewhere over the Atlatic, headed to JFK! Super happy we're FINALLY going to see each other after a few months apart. The distance sucks, but I think we've both handled it well.

I'm in the middle of doing some very much needed last minute cleaning before hiking out to the airport in a little bit. The snow and bad roads is going to pose some problems, but I don't care how difficult it is to get there because I'm so psyched to see her! FINALLY!!!!!

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