Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kinda bummed...

I know I haven't been in the bet of moods lately, but this weather and snow are just KILLING me! I've never hated on the snow and the winter before, and actually embrace it most of the time. However, after not being able to see Anne this Christmas because of...you guessed it...SNOW, I've kind of had a grudge against it. Then, add to that the fact that my favorite mtb trail is covered in it (I know it's not a huge excuse because people still ride it in the snow, but I hate trudging and slipping around going slow all the time) and you've got a recipe for disaster.

So today, with a huge snow storm in the forcast for tonight into tomorrow, I decided to once again embrace the winter and the snow. Even though I'll miss a day of work and loose money in the process, I decided I'd go into it with a smile on, buy a cheap pair of snowshoes, and get in a great, quality day of hiking and snowshoe-running amidst the storm. A real "mountain-esque" experience right here on good ol' suberbia-island, Long Island. The only problem??? Every damn store is sold out!!! The only pair I found was $170, which was WAY out of my budget. (The funny thing is I was so pissed I almost bought a $200 BB gun with target to shoot at because I figured that would make me feel better-true story.)

So what the hell am I going to do now? I'm gonna say "f*ck it" and go running in the trails tomorrow anyway. It'll still be fun (though not as fun as my snowshoeing expididiton was going to be), and I'll get in some good fun outside. Screw it.

It's not that I hate the snow or hate the winter. It's just that I hate not having the right equipment to enjoy it. I'm bummed out that I couldn't get the snowshoes, but I'll make the best of it and still have some fun in the process. In the end it'll more than likely be beautiful in the snow, I'll take some pics, enjoy the exercise, and get poor because I'm not working:). Great day!

I'm also hoping the gym will be open because I need to catch up with some strength training. Missed it the end of last week and I need to keep the habit up or else I risk losing the desire to push some weight!

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