Monday, January 3, 2011

Run, Lift

Busy day at work today. All the new year's resolutioners are out in full force so I didn't have all that much time to train today. Not to mention I'm battling a nasty little head cold right now, so my motivation to train isn't all there. Still, I managed to get in a solid run and lift session today, albeit a bit different from that of what was on the schedule. The run was the same, 75 mins (though I did it on the roads because I didn't have time to drive to the trails), but the lift was a little rushed, and therefore I improvised a bit.

Lifting has been something that I've not taken seriously for some years now. When I was playing football and lacrosse, I was the biggest meathead in the world. After those sports were both done, I dabbled in bodybuilding for a while before dropping it for mma fighting. The strength training for fighting was the most exciting that I've ever done. Kettlebells, medicine balls, chains, tires, logs, etc. I can safely say there were no bicep curls or other "beach workout" routines involved. All functional, ass-kicking work, meant to make you a complete athlete, not one that just poses on a stage or beach.

Anyway, because of my deep history of strength training-generally from the time I was 14 to 26, I really have not dedicated much of my training recently to strength. Since starting triathlon and endurance sports, I've really, really, really, tried to get rid of a lot of the muscle I had earned from so many years in the weightroom. While I've lost quite a bit as I'm now racing at 175lbs from the 250lbs I weighed in college, I have come to realize that it's been a mistake to forgo all weight training entirely. It's lead to some nagging injuries, and an imbalance that is only now starting to show itself since I'm getting back in the weightroom. Needless to say, it's time to hit the weight-pile again, though in a much smarter fashion.

For the last week and a half, I've gotten into the gym with a bit of a plan to work myself back to power. I've found that I'm incredibly weak (from what I used to be), and really could use a TON of core work and lower body work, particularly if I'm gonna plan on racing the mtb quite a bit this year. So all that to say that in the gym today I hit the squat rack, did some big step ups on a bench with dumbells, and worked my core like it owed me money. I'll be sore, but I can already feel myself getting stronger in just the last week (about 4 workouts total). I'm feeling more balanced, and I can already see that my balance is being improved by working out the imbalance in my legs (I've found that the right has more power than the left-though not for long!!!!).

The work in the gym is not only needed, but it's a bit refreshing. The weather here has been crap, and the desire to get out for rides and runs has been waning. The weights are something to look forward to, and give my mind the needed break from biking and running that it needs.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting the heavy bag for a bit, jumping some rope, and punishing my core even more! First I've gotta dust off the boxing gloves though, it's been a loooong time! Can't wait!!!

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