Friday, January 7, 2011

Tues, Wed, Thurs...blah

Didn't train yesterday, and on the whole, the entire week wasn't much more than a piss into the wind. Since last weekend I've been battling with a head cold and it finally got the best of me by yesterday. The workouts I managed to get in earlier this week (Mon, Tues, Wed) were ok, but by no means the best I've had.

One thing I was able to accomplish yesterday though, was cleaning up the diet. I meant to start the day of right, but after some final junk food, it was off to the grocery store in between work appointments to load up on some fruits and vegetables, nutritious foods, and water (ok, the water wasn't needed, but I decided to treat myself to some Fiji water-my most favorite bottled water!:)). So while I didn't get in an entire 24 hours of solid nutrition, I am working on about 12 at current:).

The biggest reason for the shift in eating (and I've said it before a billion times) is that I want to be more healthy overall. I've eaten like crap and performed and recovered just fine in the past. Of course you could say I might have performed and recovered even better, but that's neither here nor there. The point is, first and foremost, I hadn't been very healthy in my eating options and I'm looking to change that. Of course the benefits will include better performance and better weight control (I'm up about 8 pounds right now), which to my way of thinking are just beneficial biproducts of a completely healthy lifestyle of good exercise and nutrition.

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