Monday, January 24, 2011

Back on the good foot!

Ok, enough is enough. Got through my little week long episode with a strong convo with my coach yesterday. He gave me a little Harden the f*ck up talk and I'm good to go. Being frustrated with weather and other "out of my control" circumstances is no reason to go all postal and what not, making my training suffer. You get done what you have to get done regardless of the situation. People don't care what you had to deal with, only how you finish. No one is going to ask the guy who DNF'd how his day went because they're too busy dealing with the people who did their job on race day. It might be harsh, but this is how you have to approach things if you're gonna "get stuck in and put some down!"

So with this attitude adjustment, I'm all set to go. Get some!

Excited to have my Power Tap back up and running again as well. This will make my workouts a bit better, without as much guesswork. As much as I hated it at the end of last season, I'm glad I've got it. Can't wait 'till the next bike test to see the results of all my strengthwork in the gym.

Got a new bike that I'm very excited about as well. Sette bikes have a frame, the Sette Serum that I just built up and look to have as my race bike this upcoming season. It's a carbon xc hardtail with some sweet looks and what seems to be even sweeter ride. I'm excited about riding this rocket this year. I have a gopro cam on the way ( and will have some video footage of it, as well as a full review on the blog in the near future. Good things on the horizon for sure!

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