Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Fun on the Way!!!

Been suffering from a bit of seasonal depression lately. This has got to be the curse of the outdoor enthusiast. Well, maybe not a curse, but maybe just a bump in the road for stubborn asses like myself that like to do something, and do it some more, and some more, and... you get the picture. Also, being stubborn and childish as I sometime am:), I also don't deal all that well with sudden change (i.e. sudden snow storms that cover my favorite local mtb trails making them unrideable!). So couple this sudden change with the fact that you can't even run on the damn things because they're so deep in the white crap, and you get a very cranky me.

That is, of course, until you provide me with a new toy to play with in the snow. It's not the same as riding my bike on the beautiful singletrack, and it's not the same as running on said singletrack, but it sure beats the hell out of running on car filled roads or riding the trainer inside and staring at the wall. What, you ask, is this wonderful new toy of mine???

A couple of days ago, before we got dumped on by close to 2 feet of snow, I had the great idea to go out and buy a pair of snowshoes and enjoy the storm rather than lament it. Little did I realize, in my infinitely limited base of knowledge on such things (not sure this sentence makes sense, but deal with it!), that snowshoes can be quite the pricey item! I intended to spend no more than $100, and found the cheapest set to run about $75 over that budget. In the least, I was extremely disappointed. That is, until, I happened on a sweet pair this evening at $25 under my budget! That's right, $75 bucks for the bag pictured above, containing poles, shoes, and winter fun!!!

I can't say that I'm happy my trails are covered in snow (which will turn to water, which will turn to mud, which will turn to slop, which will BE FUN!), but at least I can get outside and enjoy them still! Tomorrow will be the maiden voyage and I'm looking to spend at least a couple solid hours in the woods. I'm going to bring a pack with some dry socks, extra set of dry trainers, food, and water and go until I get bored. Super psyched!

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