Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blue Collar

Back when I was a football and lacrosse player, we used the term "blue collar" all the time to define our defense. Coach would say "Bring your lunch pail and hardhat to practice or don't come at all." I always had a great sense of pride those days becuase I might not have been the most skilled player, but I was going to outwork everyone out there if it killed me. No one worked harder than me.
I think that's what's drawn me to endurance sports. MMA as well, but not enough to have kept getting smashed in the head all day. Working hard is ingrained in all of us I think, it just needs an opportunity to show itself. Even the laziest of the lazy would work hard if they wanted something bad enough.
So today on the trainer I remembered what it's all about. I've been down lately, and for all intents and purposes a pussy. Yeah, I said it. It's vulgar, it's nasty, but that's what I've been. Complaining about the weather, complaining about being sore, etc. I got back to work today (and this week thusfar) and it's felt good. Nothing flashy, just getting in the work. Showin' up with the lunch pail and the hardhat and getting done what needs to be done. No complaints, just work that at the end of the day I can be proud of.
Ok, enough celebration, tomorrow is another day. And in blue collar terms, it doesn't matter what I did yesterday, only what I make of today.
In the words of the wise one, Big Black from "Rob and Big": "Do work son."

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