Sunday, January 16, 2011

Road Ride 2 hours

Got back out on the roads today for a little bit. The roads have been terrible lately because of the snow and the trails aren't good for anything but snowshoeing or xc skiing. I'm getting cabin fever because of the indoor workouts, so I was itchin' to get going and actually ride my bike.

Kept things mostly aerobic with some efforts on the hills. I'm feeling a HUGE difference in terms of strength as a result of the work I've been doing in the weight room. Can't wait to get back out on the mtb to see how much real power this will translate to. Also, working on my cadence and actualy riding technique is also starting to make a difference in my riding. I have much more power at a higher cadence which is pretty swell if you ask me:). Basically I'm faster with less effort so that's pretty neat.

Gotta say that I really love riding. It made me so happy to get out there and actually ride today instead of being stuck inside watchin' recordings of old races on the trainer. I'm praying for an early spring this year (like February!) so I can get back on the trails. In reality I really don't care about cold or rain, it's just this snow. It doesn't just go away in a few days-it stays for weeks! And then when it gets deep like it is now you can't even ride the mtb on top of it. Really sucks! Anyway, enough complaining...

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