Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gettin' my weight-room on...

Pushed the weights again today. Missed my strength workout yesterday so felt good enough to make it up today.

I am lovin' the hell out of getting strong again. After the first few weeks of super soreness, and the change in strength program, I'm really getting into this. It's been a long time since I put some serious time and effort into lifting weights, but my body is responding greatly. Also, this is really giving me more of a reason to be desciplined with my diet. Those who know me know that I'm pretty much a human garbage can. For a long time in my early 20's, I was strict at hell with things like carbs, sugars, calorie counts, protein per pound, etc. I think all that crazy (and more times than not "unhealthy") eating habits drove me into a frenzy. When I started getting serious about endurance sports (and realized I could get away with eating a ton), I got crazy, and since have eaten everything in sight whenever I please. I haven't gained any weight-in fact I lost a whole lot!-but I know that underneath it all my performance and recovery has been suffering because of my poor diet.

It's not rocket science. Eat smart, train smart, recover smart, and kick ass. Pretty simple math. However, while I'm getting smarter, I'm not going to ditch all indulgences, just curb them slightly. Once the volume ramps up and the days get longer, I'll need to get my extra cals from somewhere, but the major portion will, of course come from the good stuff.

Otherwise things have been up and down. I'm most certainly suffering some sort of seasonal depression, and I desperately need the weather to break in some way for the better. We've been pounded with snow and cold around here thus far this winter, and it's getting old. Snow is nice, but only when it cooperates. The stuff we've had has stayed way past its welcome, and I'm really, really, really, tired of not being able to do the things I love because of the white stuff. Also, I've got that anxiety about me now, becasue of the shit weather, that people are out there training harder than I, and it's driving my fuckin' batty! Sorry for the language, but that's what it is. Little bit of a rant here, I know, but I needed to get this out.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully get outside for some exercise and I'm looking forward to it. It's been raining since this morning and warm, so hopefully much of the snow will be taken care of before it all freezes over again. I NEED IT TO!!!!!

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