Saturday, January 22, 2011


So just like every other day this week, with the exception of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (I guess things aren't that bad, actually), today's training, or lack there of, sucked. Since Wednesday, My legs have been absolutely fried. So much so that they're still almost tender to the touch, and I still have stiffness when I get up from a seated position. I went buckwild in the gym on Tuesday and followed that up with a kick-my-ass-to-the -ground trainer sesh on Wednesday that left me limping around like I was 90 ever since. DOMS is an understatement. This is more like how I felt after the 6 hour race, multiplied by 100!

Thursday I did an easy hour spin outside and Friday I snowshoed for another hour. Then today was zip, nada. Had the weather been better outside (still icy and freezing) I might have gotten out on the roads today, but in the end it was better to just do nothing. Instead of feeling guilty, I figure it's better to rest my still beaten legs. It's not good to have soreness this long, and instead of pushing for no reason at this point in the season, it's better to just shut it down for a day, heal, and get ready for next week. Tomorrow might bring about a few hour endurance ride, but if I'm still beat like I am I'll just take a pass.

On the positives, I'm feeling stronger than ever on the bike. My legs are sooooo strong right now. It was cool to put the power meter on and see watts that had previously been tough to achieve now almost availible to me at will. Also, I'm thinking that the shot in the arm my training has taken lately due to the shit weather isn't all that bad of a thing. Though it's screwing with my mind and getting me all frustrated, it's possibly one of the better things to happen to me right now. I never really took any solid time away from the bike after the 'cross season ended for me, and now certainly isn't the time to burn matches that I might need once the proper season starts again. There's still quite a long way before things get rolling again, and I've got plenty of time to train myself into form. I've just got to persevere mentally, eat right, and rest up. Yeah, I can do that.

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