Friday, January 14, 2011

First Snowshoe!

Fresh Tracks...not human.

Not a chance of riding this.

Underneath the snow my feets are warm and cozy!

More deer tracks.
Today's snowshoeing adventure was a step in a totally awesome direction (pun intended). I never thought it would be so much fun, or hard work for that matter, but I've really been missing a lot by not owning a pair of snowshoes. Even though the course I took was mainly flat, walking in those things is like spending hours on the stairmaster-especially when the snow is fresh and deep like it was today.
I was the first to break most parts of the trail and it was a pleasure. At first I tried to run, but soon I found out how hard it was just to walk! I'm sure more shallow snow is easier to run in, but I was more than pleased to go out for a long hike.
In the end I got in a little over 2 hours in the snow. I gladly would have stayed out for longer, but I didn't bring much food with me, only 2 gels and a 800ml of water. Next time I'll plan better and bring more. :)
Luckily today seems to have gotten me out of the "training funk" I've been in of late. Not sure if it's related to the weather, not being able to ride regularly on the trails or what, but I've been sort of down lately. Today was super fun and gave me a new form of training to look forward to. Sure I'm gonna be sore tomorrow!!!

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