Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not a great start, but...

Today falls in the "are you f*cking kidding me?" category of madness. After taking a week off from training (a week that was suppossed to be spent in the company of a beautiful English girl relaxing:) ), I got back to training today with what was to be a very easy couple hours on the bike. The weather on the east coast has been pretty awful lately with plenty of sub freezing temps and heavy snow, but today was a balmy 50 degrees F, with light rain and fog-paradise considering what it's been. So after sleeping in a bit I got out on the bike. The ride was going great. I was happy. It was warm. And most importantly, I was psyched to be out riding again. Then, BAM! while shifting on a small climb, my rear derailliur cable snaps! Luckily, so I thought, the local bike shop was only a few miles away. I could certainly make it there and they would be able to hook me up with a cable so I could get home. Key words, "so I thought". When I pulled up to the shop, it was closed, and now I was even further from home. To make things worse, my brother and his fam were coming over in much less time than it would take me to get back using only my 53x11. Then I realized I hadn't brought my phone or wallet with me. Of all the freakin' times!!!

I managed to make it to my gym where I was able to warm up and call my father to come pick me and my sorry butt up. In then end I managed to get home, see my bro and his fam, and have a great time with my nieces.

Most would say this was probably a pretty bad way to open up training for the year, but I'm looking on the bright side. I got a solid hour in (I know, not much time but I'm looking on the brightside remember?), plus another 30 mins of strength work when my bike was stuck in 53x11. There you go! Sixty minute warm up, 30 minutes of strength, and a great cool down of stressing out over everyone waiting for me! Sweet day!:)

I'm hoping tomorrow will be better, but I'm a bit worried I'll continue to get sick. I had a migrane a couple days back (usually for me a sure sign of getting ill), a scratchy throat yesterday, and a headache and sore throat today. Not good, but I'll get through it. Looking forward to getting on track in this new year and starting in with some quality training.

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