Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to Life

The past week has seen me get less and less sleep on consecutive nights.  Five hours, then four, then three.  Not good for anyone, much less someone who actually tries to ride their bike quite a lot, as well as box, jiu jitsu, and lift weights.  As a result, I was a complete zombie yesterday.  Coffee got me through the morning and an afternoon ride, but by 6pm I was ready to check out.  I had to see a couple clients, but was home by 7 and just about drooling on myself.

I managed to get in bed by around 9, and was asleep, I'd guess, by no later than 10.  My body had gotten on such a schedule with my shit sleep pattern, that I actually shot up like a rocket at 3am.  Gladly I went back to sleep of course, but it was nonetheless a bad feeling to wake up like you were late for something.

Today is dreary and rainy out, though still warm enough to give you that good feeling of spring.  I'll most likely try to remain mostly chill on the exercise front, but get other life stuff done through out the day.  Gotta hit work, take the dog to get groomed, and clean my apartment.  Kind of a mundane day, but after my zombie-like feelings of yesterday, it'll do my body some good to be on chill mode.

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