Monday, March 5, 2012


Busy day of getting bikes ready for selling.  Not as much real "paid work" as I'd like, but good stuff nonetheless.  If all goes well, and the bikes all sell, I should be getting a nice return on my efforts.

Capped off the day with a night ride with my buddy John and a few (too many) beers and dinner at a local bar.  Nothing says male bonding like spending a couple hours in the woods followed by some beers at the local watering hole. Maybe a little more "Brokeback Mountain" than macho, but still had fun:).

I should have another bike listed on ebay by tomorrow, and with any luck, the last one will be up by the evening.  I'm really hoping that they go quick, but either way I'll be happy with a sale.  I've got lots of plans for the money!

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