Sunday, March 25, 2012


After a great bunch of rides this past week I'm taking today to reset my body and get back on track.  Less and less I've been getting my full nights rest, not for any specific reason I suppose, but I notice that my brain isn't quite functioning like it should.  I'd compare it most to being jet lagged.  You know what's going on, but you're not quite all caught up with everything you should be.

All too often it's easy for me to overload myself with the things I want to do, and neglect the things I have to do.  More times than not this takes place when comparing things like riding my bike and cleaning my kitchen, but at times like this it comes when comparing working out to resting.

More than most things in this world, I love riding my bike, being active, and having fun in a physically demanding way.  Unfortunately, just like anything else, when not in moderation, even the "healthiest" of pursuits can produce adverse effects.  Such is the case when riding your ass off all week and then wanting to thrash yourself in the gym on a Sunday afternoon.  Feeling like a lazy ass sitting on the couch doesn't do much to help this feeling, but you've got to remember that you're not gaining anything by breaking yourself down beyond repair.

Our society is so work oriented that we feel only hard work will yield results.  Certainly this is true in many forms, yet when it comes to matters of the body, you need to offset that effort with equal (or often times greater) amounts of rest.  Along with this comes healthy eating, moderation of sugar and alcohol (my biggest downfalls lately) and consuming a more than fair amount of water.  Simple things, but so elusive to so many.

With all that, I'm planning on siting on the couch today.  I'm sure that my body will thank me for it come tomorrow.

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