Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old Wu...

Just listening to some old Wu Tang on Pandora.  Reminds me of high school.  I had a friend named Chuck who's family was richer than rich.  We used to go and drink (and smoke weed-though I never used to partake in the herb) at his house when we were in high school.  At 17 I had a convertible, a loud stereo,  and a wallet full of cash.  What a life...

Anyway, we'd rock on over to Chuck's house, his parents out-either sleeping or actually out-and fill his basement with the sweet sounds of the Wu.  Ah, the good times we had.  Crazy to think that was actually more like 13 years ago.  Crazy how fast time goes.  What a wild and crazy ride it's been since.  I remember thinking that things couldn't possibly get any crazier.  Amazing how naive I was and how little I knew at the time.  

This post I'm sure doesn't make much sense.  I guess it's hard to describe smells, sounds, and experiences that are uniquely  mine.  Well, I could do a better job, but to be honest, I'm just lazy right now.

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