Friday, March 23, 2012

Holy Geez

Not sure why I titled this post with that, just felt the need.  Been thinking a lot about life today.  Not entirely sure why, just been thinking.  What I've come up with is the fact that you just can not regret anything you do.  You've got to just let go and do what feels right.

I met with some financial advisors today, and we talked about life insurance.  I've never really contemplated my mortality (in a real sense I mean.  Sure I've thought there were times when I was going to die, but I never have actually "planned" for it in an economical sense).  Anyway, it just got me to thinking how ridiculous this all is.  Not exactly in the sense of leaving people with a bill upon your unfortunate passing, but just the fact that we, as a species, actually plan in our future for our deaths.  Follow me here.  Do any other animals actually make arrangements for their demise?  Do they not just live every day as if it were their last?
Michael Landon once said, "Someone should tell us all, on the day we are born, that we're dying so that we'd live life to it's fullest."  So unbelievably true.  Every day we are slowing decomposing.  We're breaking down.  Little aches hurt that much more, wrinkles are that much deeper, and our skin sags just a bit more.  The question is, are we really living, or are we just biding our time until we return to the dirt?
I've always said that I want to be a grandfather with stories.  Nothing amazes me more than sitting with someone who has lived their lives, scared, broken, and battered, with a smile on their face, recounting it all in a light than can only be possessed by the one whom is experienced.
It sickens me sometimes how much of my life I spend sitting and contemplating, rather than getting up and doing.  Each second that passes is lost in a time I'll never get back.  Every hour is gone to a place I'll never see and never go.  The days I've wasted are lost.  The weeks I've worried away are gone, and the months spent in worry are nevermore.  The time is the present, and the future is what I'm concerned with because that is where my days will be spent.  The only regret I want is not regretting anything.

Sorry for going all deep there, just thoughts in my head brought out by the beers I had at happy hour.  Here's to life!

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