Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So Stoked!

Completely stoked on today.  The sun is already shining, the weather is warm, and there are a lot of good things happening.  I get to ride my new bike later and see some folks I'm looking forward to seeing.  Add to this that the weather is awesome, I'm feeling great, and don't feel bogged down by superficial things going on in my life.

So many times we get stuck on things where we are.  Work, relationships, friends, etc.  It's almost like we're just dug down in a hole, unable to poke our heads out the top to see what's really going on in the rest of the world.  I'm happy that at this time in my life I've seemed to poke my head up and out of the hole to see the world around me, and the opportunities that are available to me.

I was watching a piece on Jeb Corliss, a wing suit skydiver.  In the interview, he explain thats we're all going to die, and that's inevitable.  What's important is what we do with our lives while we're here.  More than all the cool footage of guys dressed like flying squirrels speeding through canyons within an inch of their lives, this notion stuck with me.  There are a million reasons we can make for not trying things, not doing stuff, or making decisions that aren't what we really want.  I think, though, that the biggest part of why we don't make certain decisions is fear.  In the wrap up of the piece, when asked if Jeb was ever scared while jumping, the interviewer explained that Jeb had the ability to turn off the fear to get the jump done, and enjoy the experience once his feet left the earth.  I have to think of what a wonderful notion that is.  Of course all wing suit diving isn't' for all of us, but what if we could break through the fear we have, let our "feet leave the earth" and enjoy the ride.

In my life I've been presented with several options.  I'm ready to leave the earth, escape the fear, and fly.  Sure there's a chance to crash head first into a mountain, and find myself broken at the bottom, but what's worth living if there isn't a chance of failure.  The flight is that part that matters, and we just have to get out of our heads and do it.  Otherwise we'll never get a chance to really live.

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