Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fitting it all in

There comes a time when every organized person has to say "no" in the face of something they cannot do.  I, while certainly not the most organized person, had to come to that decision this morning.

I had planned quite a lot for today.  I expected to have a few clients, take one for a road ride, go to Boxing and Jiu Jitsu, drive out to ride with a friend, and head back home to build a couple of dressers I just got for my apartment.  Probably the first mistake I made was to wake up late.  Getting a late start to this morning was not what I needed, and forced me to reconsider some of my plans.  Jiu Jitsu and Boxing would have been nice, but in reality there was no way I could come home and turn right back around again to get there on time.  Ok, so that's nixed.

Next up on tap was checking my sales on Ebay, which are going well (fingers crossed), check my email, and have some coffee.  Check.

No I'm getting up to hop in the shower, drink some more coffee, load both my bikes (road and mountain) into the car, pack a bag, and get on the road.  The rest of the day is going to be pretty busy, but I'm hoping to get it all in.  I'm thinking that the little bit of extra sleep I got in this morning will power me through the day, but you never know.  Ether way I have a feeling I'm gonna crash big time by this evening.  At least it'll be a well deserved ending to a potentially productive day.

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