Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shreddin' the gnar

Had another one of those "game changing" rides today.  Went up to Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill, NY and whooped it in the whole time.  The goal was to get up early, hit the road, complete the 1 hour and 30 minute drive in about an hour and ten minutes, and rip it up until the rains came.  I didn't get out exactly as early as I would have liked, but I was still able to get about 3 hours of rolling time in.

Truly one of my most favorite places to ride, Blue Mountain really has it all.  There's a lot of techy stuff, some scary stuff, and some flawy downhills to make everyone happy.  It's a place that is equally suited for a light free ride bike or a hard tail cross country bike.  Just as many other trails, you ride what you want, and make of it what you will.

Again, one of the best parts about these rides is meeting other folks like myself.  It's not always about who the strongest rider is, or who can clean the most gnar, but rather how good the company is, and I've been lucky to meet some real cool people so far this season.  Also, the biggest piece of advice that anyone should take is to ride with locals.  Kind of a no-brainer in reality, but the better the people you ride with know the trail, the better and faster you'll ride as well.  It's not just about picking lines, or watching someone ride something you didn't think was possible, it's about directions and the motivation NOT to give up because you know people are watching.

Terrific ride again today and I've got that sweet mellow feeling.  Gonna ride this out for the rest of the weekend and hopefully into next week.

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