Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Migranes suck ass.

After having my head blocked and my mind not working (mostly as a result of a lack of sleep), I hit the gym yesterday in search of an outlet for my stress, only to find the shitty sauce which is a migraine on my first set of compound rows.  Sucked.

My migraines begin by effecting my peripheral vision.  Only after my vision returns to normal does the pain begin.  During the tunnel-vision state, I usually take a few aspirins and prep for the discomfort that is to follow.  Being that I was in the gym, and obviously couldn't drive, I decided to take about 4 Advil, and proceed to wreck myself with a hard workout.  I mean, why the hell not, right?

The workout turned into a slugfest with myself, beating my body into oblivion and enjoying every moment.  Every endorphin rush is different.  Running elicits a certain "high", as does cycling, as does jiu-jitsu.  Weight lifting gives me a very satisfied feeling, similar to that of running.  I'm enjoying getting my strength back, as well as having a bit of extra muscle on me.  As one of my clients mentioned, I "don't look like an AIDS patient anymore."  I guess that's a good thing.

With another shit day of weather ahead, I'm going to take the day easy.  I've got some work to get done, and some ideas that need to be hashed out, so those will be the focus.  If I can, I might get in an easy jog/walk with the dog, but my priorities are definitely work first, workout second.

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