Thursday, March 29, 2012


The problem with writing a blog (particularly one that you wish to update daily), is that you must have content.  A problem I think a lot of people have, including me, is deciding on what exactly they should write about.  I guess the answer lies in who you want reading your posts.  I'd imagine that most of the folks that read my blog are athletes, but a lot of what I've been writing lately isn't exactly to that audience. I mean, some of it may translate, but I've really just been writing about what's been on my mind.

As I compete less, race less, and ride more for fun, I find there's less "interesting" things to write about concerning my days.  I doubt anyone wants to hear about the great piss I took when I woke up, or some of the people I had to deal with at work (you know who you are!).  In the end, though, it's more about writing whatever you feel.  There are thousands of thoughts that enter and quickly exit my mind every day, and remembering to write them all down is impossible.  That's not to say they're not important, it's just that if I don't get things down right away, they float off, lost perhaps forever.

Where am I going with all this?  Not sure.  Today was a bit blah, so there's really not much exciting or interesting to write about.  I woke up, went to work, ate some food, took a power nap, rode my bike, and now it's back to work.  Just another mundane day.  Maybe I need to make some changes-all good ones of course!

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