Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 hour 'Cross ride

Nice little 'cross ride today. Like I said yesterday, I nearly forgot I had the cross bike until yesterday. Talk about missing out on a little gem of a bike. This thing is more awesome. It screams down fireroads, regular roads, and even pretty cool singletrack. It's just such a great, valuable bike. Glad I bought it.

I worked a little on my dismounts and remounts on some of the fire roads and have really been able to get them down a bit. Look out for me next 'cross season!

I also planned on running a bit today, but I think I'm still gonna lay off a bit. Today is the first day that the foot truly feels 100% good, and there's still no need to push it, especially during a recovery week. I'll rest it some more tomorrow (totally off), and start to work in some regular runs next week. The number one priority is to be ready to train completely healthy in a couple weeks at the training camp in Spain. I want to take full advantage of being able to focus totally on training for the time I'm there. Going in with an injury would be really F$%##k'n stupid.


  1. Loved the Kings Park video. I git sucked in to the other video links on utube... scary and fascinating!
    When Tim DeBoom and I ran last week we spent half the time talking about our dream cross bikes. Of course Tim owns his :) Mine would be an Independent Fabrications Ti frame. I can dream to hit the lottery right?

  2. Yeah, Kings Park is a crazy place. The more I read and see about it the more sucked in I get. The first time I rode through there is was raining on and off and had some "mistyness" quality to the air. I was alone and there was very little traffic. Reallly errie!
    The Ti Independant Fabrications bike looks sick! I've never ridden a Ti bike before, but that bike looks awesome. They have some cool other frames as well. I like the Steel Deluxe 29er they have on the website. Is that the one you have?
    I have a Trek 'cross bike. I love the geometry and comfort of the bike, but the weight is a bit much. For training it's great, but I think if I got really into racing it, I'd more likely get something a little lighter. The steel Independant Fabrications 'cross bike is also quite nice. I agree with you though, the lottery would definately have to be hit. Damn they're pricy! Beautiful bikes though!

  3. No i-fab for me. I was sponsored by Merlin for several years and used to get 2 bikes every year, my choice. I had a 2.1 pound Ti frame that I had built up to ~14 pounds. It was a bit flexy though. Then I rode for QR and had their Tiphoon which was the best bike I've ever ridden. I'm a 100% Ti guy... BUT- my 29er is steel simply because of cost (I have an On-One steel frame from the UK that I got for $150 on e-bay). So, I could have spent $2k or $150 so I went with the next best thing to Ti which (IMO) is steel. I love the way steel and Ti ride. The model is the "inbred" which I think is funny.
    Creepy seeing a 100 year old asylum in the mist! Damn.

  4. I agree. I've ridden several steel bikes and loved every one. I actually had an old steel Bianchi frame I sold for $100(needed money for rent). I was practically crying when I was taking it apart.
    Ti bikes have always been on my mind, but I got some bad info from some of the guys at a shop I used to go to. They complained about the frames being flexy as well, but the more experienced riders I talk to seem to love them. I'm really attracted to the durability. I have a Trek Madone and Trek TTX (both carbon) and really love them, but I'd love to get the chance to ride a good Ti frame. Not many Shops around here cary them.
    The "inbred" is cool. Just looked it up and love the pic of the kid (I think that's a kid) on the seat tube.