Monday, February 15, 2010

35 min run

Nice and easy 35 minute run today. I slept in a bit to recover from the two long rides this weekend and woke up with the legs feeling just like new...well almost. Grant had a 2 hour and 30 minute run to do today, so I decided to do 15 minutes out with him and then another 15-20 on my own.

We started slow and my foot felt pretty good. I was careful not to do anything too fast too soon, and let the thing just warm up. I think in my old age :) I have to be careful to warm up proficiently-particularly in the cold weather we're having. In the past, I've never even considered a warm up. I just always sort of went out and got right to it. With this injury, however, I've found that not only is a warmup needed, but stretching both after a 10 min warmup jog and post-run work wonders for keeping my foot and calf feeling good.

After leaving Grant, I got out and let things fly a bit. My first few runs have been all about keeping things light and not testing things too much. Today though I wanted to see what I could do. I wouldn't push things too much, but just see if the legs would turn a bit. Happily, I was able to keep the HR decently low at somewhere around 6 min pace. My GPS even said I hit 4:47 pace, but I'm sure that was going down one of the gradual descents. Still, I'm happy I felt comfortable at good speeds.

The runs are short but they're showing something. I'll continue to work them up slowly in time and distance, especially while I'm in Spain. Things are looking good.

Oh, and one more thing on shoes. Today I ran in flats. I'm finding more and more when I run in less shoe my foot feels so much better. For me, too much cushion is really a bad thing. I've never liked mushy shoes and usually prefer more of a "road feel" in my shoes. The Asics flats I wore today were great. I'll try more and more to train in least amount of shoe I can handle. Just food for thought...
The picture above is from breakfast this morning. I've really got a great serial killer beard going. We make some great choices for breakfast dont we?

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