Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kings Park Psych Center

This post really isn't much about training, but it is related in a way. On my Sunday long rides, I've been riding past an old and abandoned psychiatric center a few towns over. It's a great part of the ride because not only is it spooky as hell, but it's got some great scenery and awesome climbs. Because of the rides and my love of history, I've beeing doing some research about the center. It was open for about 100 years, then closed about 14 years ago as part of the New York State "deinstitutionalization" act. While there were probably plenty of good things about this act, it did put a lot of people out on the streets and in sub par group residences. I don't know enough about the entire act to say whether or not it was better for these people to be hospitalized or not, but I find it terribly sad that many were forced out without proper care.

Anyway, the video I'm posting is about the hospital and was filmed while it was being closed down. If you have a spare ten minutes I'd suggest giving it a watch. It's interesting. Also, an interesting fact that I didn't know is that the town Kings Park (a rather large one here on Long Island) was a direct result of the psychiatric facility. Also, it has the record for most bars in one area of population in the United States. However, they all suck and there's only one that I've been to that was any good:). Enjoy!

For some stupid reason I'm not able to post the video directly on my blog-STUPID BLOGGER!!!
Here's the link instead:

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