Friday, February 12, 2010

30 min run, 2 hour hill work on bike

Ran nice and easy for 30 mins this morning. I really had to hold back from going longer because I was feeling so good. The speed at HR is slowly coming back, and I can feel my body remembering how to run. Each run is getting progressively better and it feels nice. I have to be disciplined enough, though, to realize I need to take things slow. Overdoing it now could lead to more frustration and time away from running. Patience is key.

The bike was dedicated almost exclusively to climbing. What I lost in distance I more than made up for in climbing. I felt good overall and the extra work I've put into the bike as a result of my injury should make me strong this season. Spain will be a good place to test some of the work I've done this winter on some "real" climbs.

Tomorrow and Sunday will be the last big volume days I'll have before leaving for Spain. I plan on doing 6 hours of steady state riding both days. The past few weeks have seen me doing a 4 hour ride on Saturdays and a 5 hour ride on Sunday. The extra hours are really going to test me and hopefully get me some extra fitness heading into the training camp. I have to be careful not to overdue intensity, or else I feel I could dig a bit of a hole-not a big one, but a hole nonetheless. The HR monitor will be my best bud this weekend. Patience is key.

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