Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spain Day...I'm too tired to remember:)

This is such a ridiculously awesome training camp. After doing the 30k climb the other day, we got out for a five hour ride yesterday and I did a nice hard 45 minute run after. The mountains here don't allow for ANY flat riding, so even an easy 5 hour ride has upwards of 5000 feet of climbing. Simply awesome!

Today is another longish day I believe. We'll have to let the weather and the group dictate what we do. Some of the guys here are coming up on 20 days in camp! Amazing to think they've been training at this intensity for 20 days!!!

I'm going to post some pics as soon as the interweb:) begins to cooperate a bit more. Right now it just takes too damn long to upload them. Sorry...

Oh, and by the way, you can also follow the camp via John Hirsch (pro triathlete) on Check it!

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