Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spain Day 3

The internet connection is a bit spotty here, so I'm sorry if you've been on the edge of your seat wating for my next post!:) I'll try to get some pics up by tonight, but I can't promise anything.

The training thus far has been nothing short of amazing. I've never imagined some of the climbs we've done here, much less the descents. Yesterday we descended for 10k!!! Nothing wrenches the back of your neck like trying to stay tucked and aero for 6+ miles of screaming down a mountain!

Europe is absoutely amazing! This is my first trip over and I'm positive I don't want to go back:) Of course I will (dont worry Shannon, I'll still be able to train you!:)), but this is like nothing else I've ever seen. The small towns we stop in a beautiful, the coffee is phenomenal, and the roads are immaculate! Even when we got caught in the rain on our first ride I was smiling ear to ear! Then a rainbow appeared over the valley to make it that much better!

The people training and running the camp are awesome! We range from pro roadies and pro triathletes to some really strong ameture athletes. Overall just a great fit for everyone to push themselves to the next level.

Today is a rest day with a swim this morning and a run in a few minutes. Tomorrow is the climb of a lifetime-the Pico de Veleta-30k of climbing featured in the Vuelta de Espana. It's gonna be a huge test and a great time. Apparently it's pretty snowy at the top!

I'll update (hopefully) tonight wiith some pics and video, but I can't promise anything. I might be sleeping!:)

Oh, and before I forget, this afternoon we're heading into Malaga to watch the Time Trial of Vuelta a Andelucia bike race. Should be a good opportunity to get in some sightseeing and watch some ridiculously fast pro cyclists in action!

Thanks for reading!!!

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