Thursday, February 18, 2010

95 min spin on the cross bike

Went out easy with my buddy Dan today on my 'cross bike. I'm really loving this thing. It's a great training tool to have with all the bad weather we've had this year. Today wasn't bad weather wise, but the roads are all slushy and mucky because of the snow melt we're having. It's about 40 degrees so the dumping of snow we got from out last storm is slowly melting away. I'll look forward to racing the 'cross bike a bit next fall, but that's so far away I can't even fathom it right now.

Dan gave me a great comment today. I'm tapering into the Spain training camp so I can really gear things up when I get there. Basically Dan said to me that he's glad I'm in my "easy" mode because it makes it possible for him to train with me. At first I thought nothing of it, but then I realized that the hard work I'm putting in is really showing. I train on my own 99% of the time so I have no one to compare it with, and my easy allows him to keep pace with me. I'm very flattered and truly appreciate something like that.

Riding the bikes so much this winter has made me only love cycling more and more. It'll be nice to get to Spain and really tear it up. Ten days of solid training is going to be a blast! I'm just hoping that the weather here in the states will begin to break a bit by the time I get back.

Tomorrow is a swim for sure. My swim coach had to reschedule out workout for tomorrow, so I'll get in the swim planned for today, tomorrow. Other than that I'm going to do another easy and short run, probably around 30 mins. The foot is feeling terrific right now and I want to keep the trend going. The more I run the more it seems to feel better. Good stuff!


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  2. Caroline,

    Thanks for the kind words. I very much appreciate the readership! Please continue to enjoy!