Friday, February 5, 2010

My Birthday, 25 min run!!!, 1:20 ss mountainbike

Today is my birthday, but also has been the busiest day of my week. Originally, I had intended to play a little hookey from work and spend the afternoon at the movies, but since everyone came out of the woodwork and decided to ask me to train them today, I had to work. As it was, it worked out. The weather this weekend is suppossed to suck here (snow tonight into tomorrow am-LOTS of snow), so I decided to turn what was a scheduled complete rest day into a training day-albeit easy training.

I did a 25 min run in the am with absolutely no pain whatsoever in the foot. Getting PT on my foot and calf as well as working on it myself has really helped. I hesitate to say that I've turned the corner, but today was a huge step in the right direction. I'm going to run no more than 3 times a week for a little while, keeping them short and sweet. I'd say the best thing about the run today was the fact that it didn't really feel like I haven't run more than 3 times in the past 3 months. My legs felt coordinated and stable underneath me. I didn't wear a HR monitor or my Garmin because I really wanted to let the foot dictate my pace. I feared that I would get wrapped up in all the pace stuff, so I figured as a safety I would go "naked". Worked out well.

In the afternoon I went out for an hour and twenty minutes on the Meatsaw. I looooove mountainbiking. I got a bit frustrated today though because of all the stupid switchbacks on the trail. There's a ton of singletrack here, but I think the trail builders got a little too creative and tried to make a large portion of the trail overly-technical. I enjoy the challenge of tight and technical switchbacks with steep uphills and quick descents, but WTF??? These guys got all happy on the sharp turns and forgot that sometimes people like to just ride! If I wanted to go this slow and technical, I'd just get into freeriding and jump between cement staircases. It's just so frustrating. I really don't think they used the land they built the trails on properly. Maybe I'm just pissy because I ride a big ass 29er, but I love to rail long swooping singletrack and freakin' ride fast! I don't wanna get stuck twisting and turning 180 degrees every 25 yards! Ok, rant over.

Tomorrow is an easy swim and perhaps a 2 hour mountainbike ride-weather permitting. Actually, I'm gonna ride, snow or not, so it'll definately be a swim and ride day. I'll mostly likely take Sunday and Monday completely off to get ready to get back into some real volume again next week. I really want to go into my Spain trip in great shape and push very hard while I'm there.

Oh, and a big shout out to I just ordered my bike box and they really have a great company. Bill, the owner, is a great dude and really helped me out, promising to get the case to me well in advance of my departure on February 20th. Gonna really be a lot of fun! If you're in the market, give them business!!!

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