Sunday, November 8, 2009

1 hour run, 1 hour bike, no swim

I had an hour base run scheduled for today, as well as a swim. I woke up late and felt like crap (dealing with some stuff with my best friend). I had wanted to try to get an early start on things, but sitting on the couch and drinking coffee was just too nice so it took a little bit to get my butt out the door. By the time I got out and headed to the pool the sun was shining and the temperature was rising.

The desire to swim was leaving me and the need to be outside was growing, so I did my run first. One hour, heart rate capped at 155. I averaged about 153, although it would have probably been much ,much lower (about 140) had I not gotten excited in the final twenty minutes. I kinda lost track of my Garmin and just ran how I felt. Before I knew it my HR was up near 170 and I was flying. Funny thing was I didn't even feel it. Just felt good and wanted to move a bit. I'll have to be a bit more disciplined in the future about my HR in my base training.

After the run I didn't feel much like swimming, so I bagged it and went home to ride for a bit. My legs were still a bit tired from yesterday, so I figured a nice easy afternoon ride might loosen them up a bit. I didn't take the Garmin along, but I did a little over an hour very easy. It was nice to take in a warm fall day.

Tomorrow is back to the water for the swim I missed today. I think it was important for me to do what I wanted to today. I've been feeling really tired lately and I think I need to scale back a bit-after all it is only November! No reason to push too much now. It's important to be consistent, but not at the cost of beating yourself down.

After tomorrow, my schedule says to back things down a bit. I've been averaging only 10 hours of training lately so this is going to be difficult. It'll probably feel like I'm doing nothing! Maybe that'll be a good thing...

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