Sunday, November 22, 2009

Run, Swim

Ok, I've cooled off a bit since my early post today. It's not that I hate the Newtons, they just don't work for me. Ultimately I should be mad with myself for not realizing this and having the discipline to NOT wear them. Anyway, water under the bridge...

The fun today was great. I got the HR up a bit more than I wanted, but averaged 148bpm for the day. Only an hour but still nice to get out in the morning. I ran into my buddy Stefan, who just torched Kona this year. He's on a temporary hiatus from racing Ironman this year as he and his wife just had their first child. We ran together for about 40 minutes and it was great to catch up for a bit. He's wicked fast, so any chance I get to actually run with him is nice.

After the run I headed over to the pool for some more drill work. Again, as this is a rest week, I didn't want to go too long on time, but work more on quality in the water. I managed to stay on task for about 30 minutes, which was just about right. I'm happy with some of the results I'm making, but I think I'm still going to inquire about swimming lessons from some of the coaches at another of the local pools. We have a real strong local swim club team here, not to mention a great Division I college program right down the street. I'm gonna try to see what professional guidance I can get. I'm willing to jump through whatever holes I have to to be a good swimmer!!!

Tomorrow is a rest day (a.k.a. mountainbiking for a bit). I really can't wait to do more long days!

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