Friday, November 27, 2009

Run 50 mins, Swim

Started the day with a nice easy MAF run this morning. Today was really a test to see how the calf would fair. I intended to run on trails, but was running a bit late to work and had to settle for the roads. I also intended to cap myself at 45 mins. So much for discipline today.

It all worked out though. The roads really weren't a problem at all, and the trails may have actually hurt it more. The injury, I feel, has to do more with a stretch or pull than an impact injury. I've been thinking a lot about it and I really feel that the Newton's major downfall is that they put something in your way (the forefoot lugs) that isn't suppossed to be there. Therefore, your foot, when landing, is twisted and/or stretched in a way it's not intended to be. This might not happen on every footfall, but when the foot lands flat, the calf and muscles of the lower leg are stretched out more than they would be even if you weren't wearing shoes at all. This is just my theory, but it's the only thing I can think of. I've run 10 miles before in nothing but Vibram Five Fingers and wasn't even sore the next day. I've also trained in racing flats for periods at a time with no ill effects. I'm efficient and have good form, so this is the only conclusion I can reasonably come to. Anyway...

The calf was solid up until about 50 mins. I felt it there, but there wasn't really much pain. My opposite foot was really the only thing that gave me a problem. I guess limping around for a couple days gave me a little bit of fatigue that I didn't notice until I ran. It's more of a bruise really on the outer edge of my foot, but I'm sure it'll go away by tomorrow.

In the afternoon I went for a swim. Nothing long, but got in some more freestyle and felt really good about it. Again I didn't do any sets over 100 yards, and kept good form the entire time. Drills were the main focus again and I knocked out some solid sets. Drills are super boring but I'm really seeing the difference they make in my form when swimming. I've never felt so smooth in the water.

Tomorrow is a longish run. I was suppossed to go for an hour and forty minutes, but I'm gonna modify it as I go. The goal is to reach an hour pain free, but if I'm feeling good at that point I'll continue. Obviously, as well, if it hurts at all before the hour mark, I'm gonna pull the plug early.

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