Friday, November 6, 2009


Swim today. I decided to get out the door early today and swim before work. I usually start work around 5:30 in the morning, so this often makes it hard to get a workout in beforehand. I've been feeling a bit lazy lately so it was nice to start the day off being motivated.

I swam for a little over 45 mins today, again with nothing but drills. I'm convinced that this is enough time for me. At first I assumed that anything under an hour would be too little, but being as difficult as it is doing just drills, I've found this to be just about enough. It allows me to get in some quality work and not get bored at the same time.

I'm getting better at the drills I'm doing. They're very basic (which all drills really are for the most part). It's motivating to see my improvement with drills alone. I'm very excited for the day I'll actually start back in with regular strokes again!

This weekend I'm headed up to Boston for a swim clinic. Should be interesting. I participated in one last year and wasn't very impressed. The coaching was a bit shabby, and the organization of the clinic itself stunk. They were very nice people, but when it comes to triathlon I'm not hear to f*ck around. If I'm paying my money and spending time trying to learn, I want my money's worth. If I take this seriously, I want my coaches too as well-to me that goes without saying.

This afternoon I plan to finish building up a spare tri bike (just cables to go but I HATE doing cables!) and take it for an hour or two spin, very easy.

By the way, I'm watching Ironman Wisconsin right now and getting super pumped! I'm so excited to tackle ths distance! I know it's gonna be very good for me!

So that's it for today. It's a nice, cool, fall day here so I'm gonna try and take advantage of it. Should be fun!

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