Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swim-drills, and drills, and drills

Another day of drills in the pool. Today was much much better than my last swim on Sunday. In looking back, I don't think I was being fair to myself. Sunday was only my second workout of the new "drills only" protocol. Sure I was tired, but I think my frustration generally stemmed from the fact that I wasn't moving very fast and that drills are damned hard-especially when that's all you do!. I still wasn't used to breaking everything down into drills. It takes patience and discipline, two things I was greatly lacking this past Sunday.

Today though, I bounced back. I tend to do this after a bad workout, especially in the water. Most often, when I've had a disappointing day, something in my head makes me click into the "start from scratch" mode, and I focus on the basics. If it's running, I break down my stride, and work on my form. If it's cycling, I worry about cadence and worry less about speed. It seems that the common theme of triathlon is form and efficiency. If you have those two things, you're gonna be steady. And if you're gonna be steady, you're gonna get fast. Then your fitness takes over and you can hold that speed for longer durations. At this point, I still have to remind myself to K.I.S.S-"Keep It Simple, Stupid". Maybe there are instances where it's better to KISS than to HTFU-Not many, but I'm just sayin'...

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