Monday, November 16, 2009

90 or so minute spin (rest day)

Took a nice little spin out on my tri bike today. The wather was just so nice I couldn't refuse the urge to get out. I was suppossed to rest today, but I really think at this point of the year it's not all that necessarry. I'm no where near any sort of burnout-physical or mental-so I don't really see much harm in it. I did a good job holding on to some of the base fitness I gained from last year, so I'm going to move ahead without worry. If I do begin to feel any sort of fatigue (both physical or mental) I'll change my attitude pretty quickly!

These are some pics I took out on my ride today. Note the sweet orange bar tape and brand new Time Tri shoes-a super deal!!! Other than that these were just some cool shots I took.

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