Sunday, November 22, 2009

Damn Newtons!!!!!!!

Ok, this is gonna be a short, but emotionally charged post, and I'll probably remove it later but I have to vent right now. I'm never, ever, ever wearing Newton running shoes ever ever again! I freakin hate these things! I've worn them in the past, loved them for a few weeks, and then wound up with a calf injury. So, my dumbass decided to take a pair (I have 3, like an idiot) out of the back of the closet and wear them for the last three weeks of base running I've done.

Like always, I had some lower leg soreness at the beginning-and this was to be expected. Soon after though, it would get worse, I'd rest a little, and then repeat. Finally, today, in an easy base run of an hour, my right calf got overloaded, tightened up on me, and ended my run. Luckily it was about a half mile from my house, and I had already hit the one hour mark, but WTF????

The real question is why the hell did I ever switch from rotating my Nike Lunar Glides and Nike Elites for these stupid things that have only hurt me in the past??? I guess I needed something to add some spice to my runs, but "F" that! I'm so done with these stupid shoes. I know they're not for everyone, but screw this. I've NEVER had a running injury, EVER! And I switch to these clown shoes and BAM! there goes the calf! GRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Back to my Nike's!!! They've NEVER let me down!

OK, rant over. Sorry if I offended anyone.

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