Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ran for a little over an hour today. I wanted to run more, even though I never felt good during this run. I think the thing is that I just love running. It's almost never a hassle for me to get out the door, and if it is, after the first 500 feet I get into the run.

Today was about 8 miles, very easy, with around 2000 feet of climbing. The goal today was just putting in some base miles. I started too fast (first mile was about 7 mins) and never allowed myself to warm up. This gets to be a problem for me when I'm excited to run. I start out of the gate like an over-energized puppy. This really prevents me from finding a groove in the run and has ruined many a run for me. However, I've learned to stop, walk for a bit, and "re-set" myself, which often works. That method didn't work today though. Not sure why.

I ran on the same trails (for most of the run) that I mountain bike on. This was a great decision as they are super technical and completely new to me as far as running is concerned. Not only did this slow me down (therefore decreasing my heart rate-the goal of the run), but it also got me into a tiny bit of a rythm.

I think another reason for my sub-par run today was not sleeping much last night. I was at an election party for my mother (she was running for a Town Clerk position), and didn't get home until late. I'm not making an excuse, but....

Tomorrow is back in the pool. I'm excited to get back in the water and work the swim some more. I just have to remember to have zen-like patience.

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