Monday, November 23, 2009

Rest Day

No exercise today. My calf is still jacked up a bit from yesterday's mishap with "those" shoes. I've been thinking about it some more and there also might be a link between the yoga I did Saturday night and injury. I hate to even call it an injury. It's more like just a strained muscle. Injuries are serious. I'm just hurt.

Yoga and stretching are two things I never do. Every time I start a Yoga or stretching program I get hurt. So what the hell was I thinking when I did it Saturday night??? Well I've changed my position on the bike to a more aggressive one. I think my position last season, although comfortable, sucked aerodynamically. I flattened out my back a bit, and it has caused a little discomfort in my right hip. I've had to play with my seat height a little, and I think that'll help. There's just an adaption period that I'll have to go through.

With that said, I'll work a little on my hip flexibility, but nothing serious. I think my body will adapt to the bike over a bit of time and with some more long rides thrown in. Stretching, for me, is not a good thing. I'm not stiff as a board, and given my history of getting hurt when I do it, it'll be something I forgo in the future.

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