Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Run 15:00, Bike 2 + hours

Today was the run that wasn't. I'm starting up a big base run focus this week and I was super excited to begin. Probably too excited.

I hurt my calf wearing a stupid pair of "shoes" on Sunday's run. Since then I've been foam rolling the calf and wearing compression sleeves to speed recovery. This morning it felt O.K., but not 100%. In hindsight now, I probably should have let it recover one more day before running on it, but bad judgement took hold of me and I went out anyway. Dumb idea!

I made it about 2 miles into the run before I couldn't go anymore. I stopped, hobbled back home (pissed off beyond belief) and hopped on the bike for a couple hours.

I've never NOT been able to train and it was scary how depressed I got over this. I don't think I've ever missed a day of training, so this is unusual territory for me. I don't think I handled this "hurt" calf properly, and learned my first lesson in what it means to be smart and disciplined when it comes to my health.

As directed by coach, I'm gonna take 48 hrs completely off from running. I hate the thought of this, but I'll still be able to ride a bit, and that helps. I noticed after getting off the bike today that I wasn't limping. It felt better but I still don't want to push it much.

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