Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ran for an hour today. Decided to get it done early as I'm heading into Manhattan this afternoon to meet up with a friend.

The run went well, although it was capped at 155 for the HR. I find it difficult to maintain a slow pace for base running, I'm guessing because my body is still used to running faster from this previous season. Lately I've been feeling tired during my runs, and I've come to two conclusions. First, I think that this trend of "extra" training needs to stop. It's fun to stay active, and I enjoy exercise more than just about anything, but it's beginning to take a toll on the workouts that actually matter. This can't happen. I need to have the discipline to rest when it's time to rest, and stick to the perscribed workouts. It was hard today to stay to the 155 cap, but it has to be done. I have to check my ego at the door and stick to the plan. Aerobic base is my best friend. Secondly, I really need to run less. Since the season ended, I've never taken any complete time away from swimming, biking, or running. The fact is I love to run and bike and swim. Running this time of year is great as the outdoors bring so much energy. The leaves are gorgeous, the air is crisp, and everyone seems to be running! For me, it's hard not to get excited about running. However, my long term goals are more important and I have to remember that. Only heading out the door for two runs a week is excrutiating for me, but it's in the plan so it has to be respected.

Other than that, the rest of the day will be a bit of an adventure. Oh, and I'll finally get to that review of the headlamp I talked about a couple weeks ago. Not like anyone really cares, but...

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