Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bike and Brick Run

Nothing special today. Just rode my bike a bunch of miles, got off, and ran a few more miles hard:).

Rode some interesting roads today. Lots of time to think...More and more I'm dissappointed with the local politicians and the conditions of things around here. Maybe it echos some of what's going on with this country, but there just seems to be such a lack of pride in the places where we live and the little things that are important. As I said, I don't know if this is the case in other states, but simple things are just not taken care of. All people care about is what matters to them. They have no regard for others, or for the greater good of the community. Not to go off on a rant, but I just can't see how people can complain about things like teachers salaries. Yeah, so and so may make 200k a year, but what you may not know is that they've been working that job for 30 years to get what they have. Moreso, their contribution to society is priceless. I mean, these are the people that are educating your children! They're shaping the minds of future generations and still people don't find them important. And it's these very same people that complain who are not making a direct (or even indirect) contribution to society. These are the people that are making money off of other people just for the sake of making money. They're not effecting people's lives positvely. They're not making the community a better place to live. All they're doing is storing away their money like little squirrells, buying toys, and looking out for themselves. There's more to this and I could go on and on all day, but I'll end this here. This is just what I think of when I'm riding my bike and hitting the same pot holes that have been in the roads for twenty years. If you don't have respect for the appearance and well being of the community you live in, what do you have respect for?

Sorry for that, but exercising alone for 5 hours plays tricks on the mind:). Anyway, did some great work on the bike and had a terrific run after. I may need to work a bit on my fueling as I was starting to get a bit cranky by the end of the ride, but that's about it. Running-wise things are super-duper! It's incredible how easy running fast is again. And the best part is, I'm only scratching the surface. With more and more consistent work on my run (as I'm doing), I'll be flying by my first race. Very happy with everything.

Tomorrow is a big day. Swim and bike in the morning with a speed session on the track in the evening. Looking forward to it all! Only problem is that it's going to rain the whole day, but hey, it's better then not training!

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