Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Sunny Monday

Not much happening on the training front for today. Just really trying to recover from the past week's tough workouts. I nearly slept in-ok, I did sleep in, and almost missed my first appointment of the day. It's been years since I did that!

I wound up hitting the gym around 11 and getting in some good core work. Not too long, but quality was definately the hit over quantity today. My legs are super heavy and looking forward to another night's good sleep. I believe the only reason I've been able to work so hard this past week was by being consistent with my sleep. It's boring, and I have the bed time of a pre-schooler, but it's paying off. Also, cutting down tremendously on my caffiene has also allowed me to sleep much better at night. It was 10 o'clock this morning before I realized that I hadn't even had 1 cup yet! In the past it's been the only thing that would get me out of bed!

Tomorrow is back to work with a swim and some intervals on the bike. I'm looking forward to getting back in the water after a weekend of not being able to get in the pool because of the Easter holiday. Should be fun! And...I get to ride my tri bike again tomorrow! Oh how I've missed my baby all winter! It was nice to get in some saddle time on the cherry red TTX this past weekend. Looking forward to spending more time with it!

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