Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Great swim today. Allergies are killing me though, but glad that when I swim my headache seems to go away.

Worked on endurance today and had some of the best numbers to date...actually THE best numbers to date. Didn't realize it until after I got out of the pool though. Funny, because I felt tired and slow the whole swim. Interesting how your percieved exertion can be so much different from what's actually happening. Too bad there's no power meter for swimming. Would have helped my confidence quite a bit:).

The rest of the day is gonna be some yardwork, appointments and rest. I've got a dull lingering headache from all the pollen that I'm hoping will go away before I get outside. We'll see. Tomorrow is a 5k running TT. Looking forward to seeing how much progress I've made since returning to regular running.

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