Friday, April 2, 2010

Yesterday-Run, Swim, Run

Too exhausted to blog yesterday. I did two run sessions with a swim sandwhiched in the middle. Both runs were an hour long, both endurance based. Nothing crazy fast, but tiring none the less.

The first run was great. The sun was shining, it was finally warm, and I felt no pain in the foot. I went out a little faster than I should've, but I was feeling good so I stuck to it. Then it was off for a swim with coach Kerry in which she gracefully kicked my ass. I guess she knows that the season's coming up soon! After that it was time to see a client, chill out, eat a bit, pick up my bike, and get back on the road for my second run. This one HURT! Wasn't so bad in the beginning, but by the end I had nothing left. I choose a hillier route this time out and it crushed me. Getting back home the only thing I had energy for was a stretch, foam rolling, a shower, and putting on my recovery tights before bed. Solid, albeit painful, day in the books!

Today is a bit easier. I'm gonna hit the weights again for some more strength and core, then on the bike for a ride this afternoon with intervals. Hopefully a little easier on the body this time:). I am happy to be getting my run legs back though. i don't feel quite as clumsy and uncoordinated on my runs, and the speed is getting there. I'm really starting to believe that this injury and the four subsequent months off were one of the best things that could have happened to me. All good!:)

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