Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bike, Swim

After a needed easy day with just weights yesterday, it was back to the training grind today with a good tempo swim and some work on the bike.

This past weekend, although I spent close to ten hours on the bike, was actually quite relaxing. Riding with Anna and Grant really helped my spirits and got me back on track more than I thought I needed. I'm cursed/blessed to do most of my training alone. Being very self motivated, this can sometimes be a bad thing as I have a tendency to crush myself when no one is around. I've always believed that champions are made when no one's looking, and I take pride in being able to push myself quite hard when I train alone. However, that same "can do" attitude sometimes dig you into a hole. Being on a fun ride with friends and not worrying about pushing a certain pace but rather just enjoying the time out was just what I needed on Sunday and thus where the "relaxing" riding came in.

Today was back to work with intervals and more riding on tap. Had a good ride, enjoyed the weather, then went to the pool and crushed it. I felt pretty bad when I got in the water, but a couple 100 IM's were all I needed to get myself in check. Wound up having a terrific and evenly paced day of training. Didn't do too much or too little, but just the right amount at the right intensity to make things happy:).

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