Monday, April 26, 2010

Run, Weights

No entry yesterday because it was a shit day. Not because my workouts were bad, but because I had one of the nastiest migranes I've had in a long time. I used to get them more frequently, but in recent years I tend to only get about one a year, usually around this time. I've thought of all the triggers-foods, activities, stress, etc.-and I'm pretty resigned to the fact that they only occur because of alergies. I try to take pretty good care of myself, and avoid a lot of fake foods and junk (well now anyways; I used to love me some McDonald's:) ), so I'm left to thinking that the seasonal change is what does it. Nonetheless it sucks.

However, I still managed to get a swim in yesterday that was pretty good. I think the pressure of the water on my head actually made things better, while I was in the water at least. After the swim I decided to nix my scheduled bike and try to rest up for a track session I had later in the day. It wouldn't be though as I still was not recovered by the evening. So yesterday wasn't totally scrapped, it just contained one finished workout instead of three:).

Today I made up my run session. It consisted of 6 one mile repeats. I usually do these on the track, but being that time was tight and I just didn't feel like running in circles, I planned out a relatively flat circut and got to work. I was still a little bit hazy from yesterday and had one of those "shaking my head" headaches, but managed to put down some comfortably fast numbers. Good day, but I'm glad I don't have to bike or swim because I really don't have the energy. Even the weight workout may have to be scrapped because I'm just not 100% today.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal and back on schedule. I have a swim and bike on tap, both workouts that I really like to do. We'll see how it goes.

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